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Cloud Servers


We can move your old onsite server to a new cloud server service over a weekend.

The Main Benefits of Using Cloud Servers

To put it simply, cloud servers mean virtual servers which run on cloud computing environment. That is why very often Cloud Servers are referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). Cloud servers run as software-independent units. This means that a cloud server has all the software it requires to run and does not depend on any centrally-installed software.


  • Scalability and Speed.
  • Managed Hardware.
  • Locally Hosted.
  • Reliable Infrastructure.
  • No Contracts. No Catch.
  • Fast and Reliable Network.
  • Industry Leading Service.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Don't worry about making the wrong choice,
    you can instantly upgrade/downgrade at any point if your needs change.


  • No capital outlay for server hardware and operating system.
  • No need for a generator to keep the server running.
  • No need for a UPS for the server.
  • No spend on electricity for the server.
  • You do not need to insure the server.
  • You do not have to have space for the server.
  • You do not have to secure or keep the server safe.
  • This is all taken care of !


    Anti Virus

    The fact that we still refer to this type of software as "antivirus" is out of date. No longer do we have to be worried only about nasty viruses infecting our computers and wiping out our personal data. Malware is perhaps more common today, with a different tactic to achieve a still-nefarious goal.
    The worst part is that the "best" malware — if you can really even call it that — will quietly sneak its way onto your PC without you knowing. It'll maybe lie dormant, hidden from view, but all the while do something that you don't want it to.
    Whatever the term for it, the threats out there are still very real.


    Clipper is a Time Management Tool with Help Desk and Ticket Logging system built in. It is a Web Based application that we developed in-house to log our support calls.

    Anyone is welcome to use the software FREE of charge.


    Main Features:

    • Ticketing and Help Desk management system.
    • Is a centralised system.
    • Is a Web-based platform and all you need is a Browser to get started.
    • It has an internal messaging/chat interface.
    • Direct internal problem logging button. Messages goes to the development team.
    • Customize your solution configuration setup.
    • Adjustable user access control.
    • Clients GPS Coordinates entered and view map of client's location.
    • Clients can have access to the system for self-control. (Call logging and monitoring)
    • Can run reports like an Incident report for clients detailed information with logged hours and for billing.
    • Clipper also offers a full Task Automation Management System
    • With the Task Management System you can setup your own Check Lists. Then create an automated step by step Task Check List that you can access and complete from any mobile device with Internet access.
    • Clipper offers email notifications when tickets are created and changed.
    • The system updates customers with email & SMS alerts and escalations.
    • Management can run staff performance reports with the help of the built-in help desk reporting engine. You can monitor technician status and details of the service fulfilment indicators.
    • Access from any mobile device with a basic browser and Internet access.
    • Free onsite training within 100km from our offices or via the Internet.
    • We backup all your data free of charge.
    • All you need is a Browser to get started. No need to install and software on your computer or to setup a server.

    BACKUP YOUR DATA (To the CLOUD and Keep it Safe)

    If you are looking for a way to backup your data we have a solution for you. We have our very own servers placed in the Cloud that you can backup your date to.

    We do this by using an Open Source software called ownCloud. We have configured this software to run on our Cloud Servers and all you have to do is the below:
    • Register with us.
    • Install the client software on your computer.
    • Enter your logon information.
    • Link the data you want to backup and sync.
    • Then your data will be copied to our Cloud Servers and synced from that point on.
    How it works:
    Your data is synced to the Cloud Servers real time when you are connected to any Internet access in the world. When you make a change to a document as you save it, it gets synced to the Cloud Server.
    If you are offline so not connected to the Internet as soon as you do connect all your changes will be synced to the Cloud Server.


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